Abortion is one of the most divisive political issues of our time. As well as in Norway abortion is a huge topic when it comes to current issues in Canada and several other countries.

In this presentation we are going to talk about the abortion laws in Canada and we are going to discuss what makes abortion to a huge and current issue in this country.

Why is it a important topic?

Today abortion is legal in Canada, and it was confirmed legal in 1988. Canada is one of the few countries in the Western world that does not have any legal restrictions on abortion.

Also, abortion in Canada is legal through all nine months of pregnancy up until the point of birth.

Even though abortion is legal in Canada it is still is a very controversial topic within the country. It is also a huge point in the list of things to avoid discussing in polite company.

That because of the fact it is still existing so many different opinions around this current issue.

It has remained as a divisive moral and political problem with two main different points of view.

In one side of the case we have the side called the pro-life, and that is the people that are against abortion, and on the other side we have the pro-choice who stand for abortion as a personal issue to be decided by pregnant women, not the state.

All over the country it exists a large number of pro-life and pro-choice activist groups that expresses their opinions through aggressive demonstrations or protests.

Because of this, there are only a limited number of hospitals that performs abortion, even if it is legal.

That because of the fair of the anti-abortion groups and their reactions to the performance.

Also, some hospitals and doctors do not offer to perform abortion because of due to the religious beliefs, such as Catholicism.

Why is it a important topic?
The reason why exactly the topic abortion arouses so many emotions in such a large number of people is a question we can ask ourselves.