“Canada” is an Iroquoian word meaning “village”. Canada a huge country by land mass, it is the second largest country in the world after Russia, but it has the lowest population density in the world.

This may be caused by lower temperatures. It possesses a varied landscape with many natural resources.

It is a federal state with a representative democratic and constitutional monarchy, where Queen Elizabeth heads the state.

Canada plays a major role in UN peacekeeping missions, founding member of the United Nations, and it’s also a member of other organizations such as NATO and the Commonwealth. (Balsvik,2015:207).

English and French are the official languages of the country. Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. (Balsvik,2015:205).

I will expand on writing information about geography and history of Canada, and its Indigenous people. ( Hall, Morton, Bercuson, Krueger, Nicholson, 2020).

The state of Canada is a large part of the North American continent. Canada extends from the Atlantic Ocean eastward to the Pacific Ocean, and on the north side is the Arctic Ocean, so, it has the longest coast line in the world.

It is sharing the southern border with the United States. The Canada-US border is the longest international border in the world with the length of about 9000 km and most of the population lives near it (Balsvik,2015:206).

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is the fourth largest city. Although Ottawa is the political and administrative capital of Canada, other cities have a wider cultural and commercial reputation, such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Its main features are the historic building of the parliament which is intersected by the peace Tower and the Rideau Canal.