Social media is a way for many people to escape from reality or from loneliness. A lot of people use social media when they feel alone even if they are surrounded by people or when they want someone to talk to.

Although social media makes you feel included it can also make you feel lonely. The social media has an influence on every individual, either we like it or not.

The effects social media has can be both negative and positive. Are we addicted to social media because we think it makes us less lonely? Or does social media have an opposite effect and makes us feel even lonelier?

There are many negative effects of social media. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, seclusion and envy, just to mention a few.

It is not quite certain that social media is the cause of all the things mentioned, but it has been investigated all over the world. The more you see people having fun without you, the lonelier or left out you will feel.

Not long ago, I talked to my friends about the effects social media has. They agreed that seeing people that for example are close to them go out without them makes them feel left out. Of course, this varies from person to person.

The interesting thing about social media is that it makes us feel both included and secluded. Many platforms on social media are dedicated to make people feel less lonely and more included and liked.

There are places for people to talk to other people and get friends. On the other hand, there are also websites and places made for people to bully or make fun of other people.

Cyberbullying is a major issue in social media, as well as one of the main reasons why people feel left out or lonely.

The thing about social media, is that it is a huge free platform where you can basically do whatever you want with little to none consequences. It is no surprise that depression and anxiety has existed in all time.