Is social media bad for us after all? Today we live in a community that strongly bear a stamp of social media for good an ill.

Which means we maybe need to encourage people to focus on other stuff then the way people look. They need to focus on what they achieve instead.

In this text I will write about the influence social media has on people and the ups and downs about social media.

Is social media good or bad for us? There is a lot of good parts about social media.

It can help people stay in touch, see how others life are and a lot more, but social media also has a lot of bad parts.

In the song “Are you lost in the world like me”1 we saw a music video about how obsessed everyone was with their phones.

I think the message of this music video was that we all need to think to our self if we use enough time to enjoy all the exiting and good parts about the world or not.

If we see how amazingly lucky, we are living in this world and if we appreciate it enough or if we just drown in our phones.

Because a lot of people create a fake impression to make it seem like their lives are perfect.

They are really good at showing of the good parts of their lives and hide the bad parts. This counts for most people, not all of course.

So-called influencers are especially good at this. They search for acceptance and make it seam like their lives are perfect.

The problem with this is not the influencers, it’s the receiver. Many believe in this fake image and think its how it is supposed to be.