School shooting is a very serious matter in the US. Every month on average there is at least one serious school shooting in the USA, according to the statistics VG show.

Trump along with others has suggested that teachers should be armed (carry weapons) as a solution to increase school safety.

It is going to create a violent society. We must not forget that it can increase crime between students and in the school itself.

The security will be lost between the teachers and the pupils, and in this way, they cannot end school shootings.

Trump must think of a mat that does not prevent the use of weapons.

Trump needs to think about reasons that lead to this and try to fix the problem of least loss. I've been looking for reasons why it matters, and then I found that.

"The American professor James Alan Fox lists in the Los Angeles Times newspaper five items that remain in most school killings in the United States that he has studied.

Some of the elements are that (The killers have often been frustrated and somehow felt unsuccessful, they blame others who they believe haven't given them a chance, they have less support from family and friends than usual and They have less support from family and friends than usual) ”.

Skolemassakre For my part, there is a better way to solve this without letting the students see their teachers using guns. Yes, school shooting is dangerous and happens very often in the US.

Trump can find other solutions, such as: letting guards walk around the school or letting the police in school areas during school hours.

They can also start and share brochures about this. They can also lock schools for a period, but students must study online.