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Mr. Secretary General, distinguished delegates, - I am grateful for having the opportunity of standing before you here today. What I would like to talk about is climate change.

The normal temperature of an area for an extended period is viewed as that district’s atmosphere. The individuals who live in that locale become acclimated to the state of the atmosphere.

For the most part, the atmosphere of a spot does not change definitely, yet it takes a very long time to change.

As the atmosphere of a locale is reliant on specific variables; they are, the area of the district (hilly area, coastline, and plain land), the average rainfall in that region in a year, the amount of sunlight it receives, and many more.

These components help in identifying the climate of a place. Weather and climate are two unique variables. The climate can change within a couple of seconds or a couple of hours, and the climate doesn't change for about a period of 35 years.

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