The American dream | Engelsk oppgave

The American dream is like a goal the most Americans have been trying to achieve since the day America became independent. Some have failed to achieve it while others have succeeded.

What is the American dream and why is it so important to the Americans? These are questions I will be answering in this essay.

I will also be talking about how the American dream is described in the book of mice and men, and how different the reality of American life can be compared to the American dream.

The definition of the American dream is that by working hard, striving and taking chances, anyone can achieve their own version of success regardless of where you are born or which class you are born in.

Getting your own place and being able to take care of yourself is a big part of it. It represents hope and optimism about the future. It gave many Americans hope in hard times and made them continue to try to achieve the life they want to.

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