Ignorance is frequently the cause of mistakes and discussions. Same with racism, it is caused by a high level of ignorance, which over time is turned into fear.

It is an ignorance of history, and inherent biases, with the lack of willingness to do something about it.

In a democracy, is it often taken for granted that laws and regulations are fair. However, that is not always the case.

Sometimes legislation can help reinforce unwanted attitudes so that racism arises. In this way, the system helps to perpetuate racist attitudes in society.

Legislation in a country can consciously, through laws and regulations, control our attitudes so that racism and inequality are reinforced and sustained.

In this way, the system helps to perpetuate racist and unfortunate attitudes.

An example of the stated arguments above, is the documentary called Meeting The Enemy.

In this documentary we meet Deeyah Khan, a filmmaker and activist who works on topics linked to racism.

She meets white supremacists and neo-Nazis in USA who promote white power. She sits down and discuss racism directly to the Nazi-members, and it is clear that a large proportion do not have enough information about other cultures.

And after talking to them and discussing different opinions on the subject, she actually manages to get some of them to change their minds with only educating them.

It is difficult to change attitudes, thus it is also difficult to remove racism in society.

And when laws, rules and school curricula are examples of the system helping to perpetuate racism, one sees that it is a big and difficult task to change.

Then we are left with ignorance. Racism thus actually results in too little knowledge.