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“Black lives matter” is three words that changed the USA, three words that Alicia Garza, Patrissa Cullors and Opal Tometi brought to the surface.

“Black lives matter” is a saying meaning that black people should be just as equal as white people. This saying has caused a lot of uproar and debate about police violence around the world.

- The society today:
- Education:

So what exactly is racism? Racism does not exist in just one form but several, it can be to divide a population into different categories, discrimination and hateful comments and actions.

After several years of development, There are several racist acts and comments one can say to a dark-skinned person today.

For example we have the n-word, this is something that should not be tolerated to say but sadly there are a lot of people not of color who use this phrase as an everyday term.

We can say that today’s political structure and laws has improved a lot since a hundred years ago, and this is of course true, but there are some things we have yet to improve.

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