We are blessed today with a diverse population in the US with all kinds of cultures and identities. We all have our own race and citizenship; we have cultures among us taught by our grandparents.

We have our own mixed identities which comes from the understanding of both home culture and this culture. We come in all shapes and colors and you can’t ignore us, we are here.

At the park the other day I saw something that made me question a lot of things. As I watched the leaves falling down from the tree, a little black girl and a little white boy who kept laughing as they kept running from each other, took over my attention.

It made me realize that we are not born to see race. We are not born to see color. We are not born to be racist. After some time had passed the parent’s kids called on them.

The boy’s parents had a not so pleasing expression when they saw the girl their son had been playing with. I dint think much of it as I didn’t want to judge.

But then when the parents and the boy walked past me, I could hear the parents whisper to the boy about how boys like him aren’t supposed to play with girls like her.

That made me think outside the box, if racism is not born, what is it then? Is it taught?

Do we learn to be racist? Are we actually teaching our children to discriminated others based on the color of the skin?

Is this what we have come to, learning our own children to disrespect others because of their race or culture, because of a color?

I’m actually mind blowed, I really thought that equality for everyone no matter the race was common sense.