Women and men live side by side in every part of the world. Many of us believe that absolute equality is accomplished in most countries today.

Numerous societies have developed into welfare communities and women are more independent than ever before.

In my in-depth study I took a second look and I noticed several problems that can be questioned in the society.

My topic was women equality and I reflected upon how equal women and men really are in the United States today.

Numerous women are staying home with their children, on behalf of their own job and education.

Is that a sign that women by nature are more likely to care for children and home than their own independency?

As I mentioned in my in-depth study; women are in many cases unwillingly staying home because of the struggles with combining their job life with having children.

In my opinion women should be given support from the society when they are having children.

Maternity leave is a social support program that makes it possible for a women give birth and keep having a job at the same time.

The fact that men don’t have babies should not be an argument for not giving economical and social help to a woman who does.

I think that is probably the main problem in the American society. The women rights are based on the men’s rights.