I have chosen the profession health care professional; a health professional contributes nursing to different patient groups.

Common tasks for the health professional are to treat patients, prevent disease and rehabilitation.

This profession is pretty heard considering that young people must work with humans, so I understand that many people are spectacle that they can do this.

Being a health worker comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, Like I said health care workers have to work with humans and that itself is a big challenge.

They must work with elderly, people with dementia, children, disabled kids and the elderly, Psychiatry and sometimes in rehabilitation.

One thing I think might be I challenge is stress, what if you have I patients that’s doesn’t speak the same language as you what are you going to do then how are you going to treat this patient and help them with whatever they need.

They must take care of the patients; they must observe the changes that happens to their patients and have good communication with them.

Most of the time the patients are old and dies in the nursing homes, apprentices are with the patient a lot of the time and having to see so many people come and go that might affect their physical health considering how young they are.