Tentamen – Engelsk fellesfag 28

Task 1
Short answer
The Art of Informal English


Task 2
Long answer
Understanding Situations by Extracting Information

The Art of Informal English:
The song “Where is the love” by Black Eyed Peas is written in an informal language. The colloquial language makes the song more familiar and enthralling.

Colloquial expressions such as “what’s wrong with the world, mama” makes it easier to relate to the song and understand the message.

When using an informal language, it is crucial to use contractions like for instance “don’t” instead of “do not”.


Understanding Situations by Extracting Information:
It is often hard to familiarize oneself with situations and feelings that are not affecting you directly. We know an awful lot about historical conflicts like revolutions, wars and injustices.

But there is a big difference between knowing and understanding the difficulty of the situations. In order to understand them you must go deeper into them and try to understand the causes and effects of every aspect of the conflict.

The way of doing this is to extract information from the people who experienced the different situations and to find the underlying causes to why these events even started; to find the beginning of the chain reaction.

Nevertheless, what has helped me during the process of understanding different social and cultural situations?

To begin with, visual works like pictures and films can help you visualize a conflict. A case in point is the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Most people know something about it, but few people thoroughly understand the scope of it. For instance, I have seen a movie called “Cry Freedom” which is a real eye-opener regarding the segregation in South Africa.

The movie is set in South Africa during the Apartheid regime. It is about Donald Woods, an editor of a liberal newspaper in East London, South Africa and the friendship between him and Steve(n) Biko, who was a freedom fighter at the time.

The movie authentically portraits the situation in the area at the time and the terrible consequences.

Receiving a visual impression of the Apartheid Regime is very important in understanding the brutality which is the most intense when portraited visually.