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Most students, if asked, say that they have learned English from films, games or magazines. Very few people in general seem to learn any practical English in school at all.

In fact, the younger generation seems to have acquired a better skill for English than the previous generations before them, why is that? It might have to do with the increase of globalization and better access to good technology.

There is an obvious barrier between how students learn and how the teacher teaches the students. Teachers seem to be stuck in the past, when films where an unusual sight in the classrooms, and they had to teach the students every word individually.

While the newest generations that are still in school or just graduated, seem to use a more modern approach. A good solution to this problem might be to combine the two methods of learning and teaching together.

Teachers should start asking the students how they wish to learn a new language and then implement that wish into the classrooms.

If they wish to learn through films, then the teacher can pick educational films and select new keywords related to the film that the students will have to learn.

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