Character analysis – “Happy Go Lucky” Careless and naive… or?

The main character in the film “Happy-Go-Lucky” is a teacher named Pauline; however, she is referred to by her nickname “Poppy”. Her physical features consist of a blend of dark brown and black hair which is cropped shorter than the average woman, with a fringe to complete her appearance. Wearing slight makeup, and occasionally a set of earrings, some may say that Pauline has a cute face.

Her way of dressing is rather strange, what we today would call old-fashion.

The first time we meet her she’s visiting a bookstore, in which she attempts to start, or rather force, the owner of the store into a small conversation. His replies however, are either an attempt to avoid a conversation, or a brief one word answer.

Poppy, obviously unaware of the hints given to her by the owner, keeps attempting to talk to him, which affects our first impression of her. She seems like a hyper, a little strange, slightly socially awkward but nevertheless extremely nice girl.

There are several examples showing what a kind and caring girl she really is. Her kindness is shown, for example, when she walks into a homeless man around mid film. The homeless man seems rather insane, but she does not turn her back on him and walk away like many of us would, instead she stays with him, letting him talk to her.

She also shows how caring she really is through asking him if he’s warm enough, if he’s had any dinner and even offering him money for some food. From her encounter with the homeless man, we gain another impression of Pauline: careless or not, she certainly has a caring and kind personality.

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