‘This is America’ | Analysis | 5 i karakter

“This is America” took the world by storm when it got published, 20 may 2018. In the song, African American Childish Gambino covers controversial topics such as black oppression and gun violence.

Today the song has been viewed over 720 million on Youtube. The song made headlines by informing us in a unique way.

There are literary devices to further reinforce the message. The mood of the song as a whole is happy until Gambino shoots, transitioning it to a contrast, a dark southern trap music beat.

This might remind you of police incidents, where it happens, and we slowly go back our less somber mood. He even directly says even “Look how im living now.

Police be tripping now (Woo)” Saying that police are doing so much wrong. Black men are most likely to get killed by the police in America.

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