Mrs Foster has a plane to catch in order to visit her daughter. All her life she has been afraid of being late.

Her sadistic husband knows that and it seems like he tries to delay her in a try to see his wife tormented.

After all she misses one plane, but can catch the other one in the morning.

In a new attempt to slow her again, Mr Foster is trapped in the lift.

His wife exacts a final revenge on him, by leaving him alone to die in the lift while she leaves in Paris.

The characters are the spouses Mrs and Ms Foster who live in a big house all alone, and who have four servants.

Mrs Foster is a very loyal, good and loving wife. She is also a modest person, but has an obsession about being in time.

She fears missing a train or a plane, so she gets so nervous that she would begin to twitch.

Eugene Foster is nearly seventy years old, is irritated by his wife’s obsession, and he likes to increase his wife’s misery by making her wait unnecessarily.

He enjoys tormenting his wife and he is very dominant. They have a very emotionless relationship.

The setting is in 1954, in New York City, in a large six-storey house. It is important to know the period when the events take place, because we understand better the way our characters think and act.

If we take as example our story, in 1954 women were more subordinate to men; they were still not as independent as in our days.

The events take place chronologically, but the story begins in the middle of an action. There are not various events taking place at the same time.