In this essay I will talk about if digging holes is going to help building a character.

I will also examine Stanley, and some of the characters if they changed and develop or remained the same. At last I will talk about who my favourite character is and why.

In the novella “the holes” the boys were told that they dug to build character, in my opinion I think that this statement is somehow true.

People builds character different ways, either they will do the hard way or the easy way. In this novella we see that the boys build character in the hard way by digging holes in the hot sun.

However not everyone builds their character in a positive way. In this novella for instance we see that some people are more manipulative then others and some are more caring.

Stanley for instance build his character in a positive way. At the beginning of the novella Stanley were a shy and innocent boy, he never did anything wrong however he was bullied by his classmates.

Stanley didn’t say anything because he wasn’t independent enough. When he came to camp green lake, he was still shy.

He always did what X-Ray told him, and that’s because X-Ray was the “boss” of the boy group.

But when we get further in to the book, we see that Stanley gets more independent and stands up for the things he personally thinks is unfair.

for example, when Stanley was brave enough to ran away, because he thinks that it was unfair that the others treated Zero in an awful way, and they didn’t even bother to look for him.

On the other hand, we have X-Ray, which was the leader of the D tent.