When being young, you can have the best time of your life, with no worries. But being young comes with some cons, many expectations, you must worry about friends and how you look, etc. Being young means that you are at the start of your life.

You begin at school as a curious child that is getting older, and with that getting you more expectations and you must make the right choices.

All the choices you make have a variable of what will happen later in your life. It is many split decisions if being young is marvelous or bad.

In my opinion, being young comes with some pros and cons. An example of something good when being young is that you make new friends.

For example, your parents want you to go to the best school, however, your best friend wants you to go to another school with him/her.

You can get pressure on yourself for what is right or not. I have felt this myself many times.

The choices in not only about which school you should go to. For example, you are at a party and you did not have the intention to drink alcohol.

Yet your friend comes to you and asks if you want to drink. Then it can be hard to know what to do.

But it is still important that you make your own choices and try to not think about what everyone else will think about you.