When people from two different cultures are put together.

The young girl Arletta is being placed in a foster home due to her mother illness and her father’s death made it difficult for her mother to take care of Arletta.

Arletta were therefor places into the foster system where she was placed in several different foster home before she was placed with the Rapier family.

The new foster father Jackson Rapier and his wife has two daughters and had already had many foster kids.

The two daughters in the Rapier family isn’t really nice to Arletta.
Make faces, that they don’t think that she can see, but in reality, she notices quite well.

Arletta herself is a native American who is placed into a foster home with people who has an American culture.

They try to adjust to her culture by embracing the Indian culture and bringing Arletta on an adventure to an Indian trading post area.

The rapiers based their judgements off of general stereotypes for Indians.

They thought that they were doing a really nice thing for Arletta and that she would feel at home because it was for her kind of people.

They even bought her something they thought were typical Indian things, but turned out they were just faking that were “made in Japan”.

Even the supposed to be Indian people there, were wearing clothes a real and respectable Indian would never have worn.