The virus that has come into the world is changing the American dream. It used to be that many people in various countries around the world wanted to go to America to fulfill their dreams.

The American dream made Donald Trump decide to close his borders to South America because many will enter America.

Because of that virus many countries are going to lose a large part of their income. Especially the countries that sell oil, because the oil price fell by many percent.

America is one of the countries that is going to lose part of its income because of the falling oil price.

Now that is a crisis in the world and many millions of people are quarantined and borders between countries are closed, it means that the countries that tourism was part of the income will lose billions of dollars and America is one of those countries .

Getting down in the budget causes people to become poor and will not go or cannot afford to go elsewhere such as America.

Some want to get into America to get rich and budget cuts mean people are getting poor and many are going to lose their jobs. It greatly affects the others who believe in the American dream and will be rich there.