Task 1
- Formal or informal language
Task 2
- The barrier of race
Task 3d

The text “Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, American Who Aided Britain in War, Dies at 103” is written in rather an informal language.

There are several examples of literary features and use of language, which Galway should edit in order to make the text less informal.

First off, the use of emotional vocabulary should be reduced to a minimum in a formal text. Throughout the newspaper article, Galway uses adjectives in order to describe Malcolm.

For example: “Who was the incredible Lady Malcolm(…)” and “This truly amazing woman,”.

The author chooses to use the words “amazing” and “incredible", which both reveal her personal opinion.

In order to make the first example more neutral, she could quite frankly remove the adjective: “Who was Lady Malcolm (…)”.

In addition to the use of adjectives, Galway also states her own opinion using personal pronouns, such as “I” and “me”.

An example of this is located in the first paragraph: “This truly amazing woman, if you ask me, was such a magician (…)”.

Another example may be found in the second paragraph: “She must have felt that her life was empty. I know I would feel that if I was a former debutante only living the high life”.

Writing a formal text, you should always avoid using personal appeal. By removing the sentences in which she states her own opinion using personal pronouns and emotional vocabulary, her text would be more formal, and thus avoid revealing her personal opinion.

The use of figurative language, to include metaphors and similes, also cause the text to become far more informal.

Yet again, this is because the figurative language reveals the author’s personal opinion on Lady Malcolm.

Examples of these, are: “A ficture of Manhattan society, whose beauty, like Mona Lisa,” and “(…) this flower of New York (…)”.

In the very first example, Galway uses a simile, comparing Lady Malcolm to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, famous for being beautiful.

In the second example, the author uses a flower as a metaphor for Mrs. Latham.

Flowers are known for being beautiful, and it is also a word with positive associations; therefore, it reveals Galway’s personal opinion to the reader.

Therefore, she should avoid figurative language in order to make the text more neutral.