Whether or not, racism is still a topic in the united states. It has been some time since slavery was banned, but we can still see that the two races are not equal.

We are still affected by how things have been, and some people do not like the changes.

The biggest reason for this is that there are still people who might feel xenophobia, or fear and anger towards the black.

This is noticeable when we look at how some police officers treat people with darker skin. There is a higher rate of black people being arrested or pulled over in the traffic, than white.

It is shown that most of the people pulled over in traffic by an officer, is black, and often innocent. Police cruelty is therefore one of the most discussed themes within racism today.

It is hard to prove that a black person wasn’t treated right by a police officer because of lack of evidence.

In the film made by Deeyah Khan called “Meeting the enemy”, we get to hear a story about an incident that happened in Ferguson the 9th of august 2014.

A young, clack boy called Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer called Darren Wilson.