Dear Aaron, I saw your question on how to confront your friend about her bad habits and manners at work I thought I might help out with what you can say to her.

Obviously, this behaviour is unacceptable so this she must be confronted with. My advice to you is that you just got to be straight up with her.

I chose to talk about electrician of course and why I think that it’s right for us to go out in work when we are 18 years old.

As electricians we put up power in people’s houses, we give them power for heating, for their tv’s to work and their stove to work etc. it’s a very important profession that is requested and needed.

I think us starting to work when we are just 18 years old is the right way to do it. We are very young in the adult life, but we are old enough to take on the responsibility of doing the job.

We have our 2 years of school but that doesn’t teach us close to as much as being out working and trying it our self.

Some of the challenges we face in our apprenticeship is are many since many situations are new to us. the most challenging part will be costumers since we haven’t really work to please anyone and to jobs after their personal preference.

Having costumers that hang on you the whole day commenting on your work and watching carefully for you to make any sort of mistake can be nerve wrecking but this is something you have to handle.

And if a costumer is unhappy with your work you have to be handle that situation correctly as well.

Working on your own isn’t something we can do to much since we always have to work with a person who is a electrician and we are that persons responsibility if something we do is wrong.

It our fault of course but the responsibility towards the costumer is on the person with the education.

But you still feel responsible for what ever error you have made. But mistakes are something you learn from in this job and you can’t go your whole career without any mistakes.