What happened on January 6 aroused world and American skepticism about Joe Biden's slogan "America is back, ready to lead the world"

Americans talk about " the second shock"
The world is also shocked
America after the riots on January 6

If the Covid-19 pandemic with the world's first record in the number of infections and deaths is the first shock, the US presidential election is unprecedentedly complicated, culminating in riots on January 6 at Capitol Hill is the second shock.

Protesters broke into the US Capitol, bicameral activities were interrupted, MPs were evacuated.

The Republican Guards, the National Assembly police, used rubber bullets, tear gas, riot tools and helicopters to suppress and disperse crowds, and at least 4 protesters died.

Mr. Joe Biden was officially recognized as the 46th President. For the first time since 2010, the Democratic Party took control of the bicameral.

But the divisions really seeped deep into the United States, from Congress, within the Republican Party, from state to state, to individual families.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded that Mr. Trump be immediately deprived of his power or impeachment of inciting violence.

Republicans can counterattack by causing divisions and disobedience in the states, leading to the US not having a unified government from central to grassroots levels. America went from chaos to riot. Crisis, division will last.

The world is also shocked
The general attitude of America's allies was shocked by the turmoil in the National Assembly building on January 6.

Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberh called it a "shocking spectacle". British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his closest ally, feel embarrassed.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte compared "those are horrible images ...". Many politicians assessed the impact of the riots beyond the United States.