Professions kindergarten | Analysis

In this text I am going to talk about the profession of working in a kindergarten. I will mention some of the responsibilities and challenges of working with children, before discussing whether I think teenagers are ready to take part in this, or not.

I am also going to suggest what can be done at school and work, to help young people deal with the responsibilities and challenges they will face.

Social competence is a huge topic in kindergarten, and a lot of time is spent teaching the children stuff like empathy, cooperation, developing their self-confidence, respect etc.

this happens a lot during different activities, and the gatherings. You may also be challenged to be the leader in one of the gatherings, or to be alone with a group of children – where you got to plan an activity before going through with it.

This is only a few examples of what responsibilities and challenges you may face when working in the kindergarten. It is important to guide them, but also allow them to try accomplishing and learn new things.

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