A Farewell to Arms | Analysis | 6 i karakter

"A Farewell to Arms" is a novel by Ernest Hemingway, which was first published in 1929. The story is set during world war I and follows the American lieutenant Frederic Henry who works as a volunteer in the ambulance corps of the Italian army.

The story covers both the harsh realities of war and the tragic love story between Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley.

Frederic Henry is the narrator and the protagonist of the story. Throughout the book we see Henry develop a lot as a character.

At the start of the novel, Henry has never experienced any true loss, he sees the war as dreadful but necessary. He seems to lack meaning in life and only cares for drinking and women.

As the novel progresses and he falls in love with Catherine, he begins to distance himself from the war and realizes that all he wants is to be with Catherine.

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