Make love, not war | American history

As many thinks, the hippies weren´t only pot smoking rebels, they were actually demonstrating for something important and something good. The counterculture started because of America´s involvement in the Vietnam War during the middle of the 19th century.

The hippie movement was developed through the 1960s by teenagers and the young generation. They were a nonviolent group who fought for fundamental rights.

The counterculture reached the top during the involvement and escalation of the United States during the Vietnam war.

They weren´t only important for the war, but also for other historical events, like the demonstration for the civil rights, black power, feminism and gay liberation.

Like any other counterculture, the hippies rejected the society and the culture in their state and country in general. The hippies would be described as the people who believed in the natural human being with long hair, no makeup and would just appreciate the nature.

If we compare the hippies from the 1960s with the teenagers from our society today, we can see some similarities when it comes to demonstrating with passion for something important.

This does not only affect their community, but also the entire world. The past few years have had a lot of different opinions and big demonstrations, such as BLM, climate and the abortion law. These movements or demonstrations are similar to the cases the hippies fought for.

The hippies wanted equality and were also fighting for black power along with Martin Luther King, the leader behind the Civil Rights Movement. Even today the whole world is still fighting for the civil rights and the discrimination against the black people.

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