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The text “Imagine a summer of adventure, commitment and community!” is a job advertisement which informs people that a job as a leader at Overland in Massachusetts is available.

The writer uses several linguistic and literary devices to promote the job and make students apply. Among others, creating an atmosphere, evaluating language and positive words are used during the advertisement.

First and foremost, when the writer is starting the announcement with “take the world into your arms” he or she creates a positive mood and atmosphere.

The receivers start imagining and dreaming about the opportunities the job may bring about and connect it with a greater picture.

The graph presents the development of the number of cases with and without protective measures. The data shows that without protective measures, the number of cases will increase drastically the first days after the first case.

Simultaneous, the downturn will probably occur at the same speed. In contrast, the number of COVID-19 cases with protective measures is a flattening curve with a slow increase and downturn.

Along with presenting the curve of the spread of COVID-19 with and without protective measures, the graph also presents the healthcare system capacity.

Above the dotted line, the number of COVID-19 deaths is probably higher than below because of lack of capacity. Below the dotted line, the healthcare has a sufficient amount of equipment, health workers and hospital sites.

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