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Fight for Change

Mandela, a bad or good guy?

As long as the people who are sitting with the power today there will be no changes. The only people who can make a change to our world is the next generation, in addition, that means you.

We want to make a change soon. Only we are able to save the earth, fight for women’s rights and be heard by the politicians. We are going to live on this earth for the next 100 years, not them.

You are may be thinking “what can I do?”, or tell yourself that your voice will not be heard if I manage to take part in the “Fight for Change”.

Well, let me tell you something, if people like Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks, and Malala Yousafzai thought the same way most of us do we would never have people that fight for a change.

You can start by finding out what you want to change? In addition, you have to start a place, for instance in your home or in your local community.

By recycling, use less energy, shorter showers, and use a bike to school or job instead of taking the bus or driving a car to work will save you and the planet for much more than you think.

As a result of this in a longer period, you will inspire people through your effort, and other people will join you as long as you keep up the good work.

The most important key is to start. Start as soon as possible. We are young and healthy, people like me and you, and we are the only people able to make a change.

If the politicians wanted to make a change they would have done it many years ago. The thing they care about on the other hand is not us and our future, or the world we live in, they are just interested in making money.

We have to make a change before it is too late, before all the ice on the poles melts, and before one more woman gets killed because she doesn’t have any rights to make a change.

I believe in you, you are able to make a huge difference, so go out and do it now, and make sure you do a big change!

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