Climate. Why care? | Analyse

Climate change – engelsk oppgave

Throughout the history of modern civilization now is the time when Earth’s climate is changing faster than ever.

The temperature at Earth’s surface, as well as in the oceans and atmosphere has increased and the climate change affects human health and wellbeing trough wild-fires, more extreme weather, decreased air quality and diseases transmitted by food, insects and water.

As a representative of today’s youth and one of billions affected in the long term, here is why climate change is more than just warmer weather and why you should care.

Wildfires is also a threat to human health. Dry and longer lasting warm weather will make the fires last longer and affect even more lives in a few years than today, and it’s not just the locals, other countries too.

The pollution is dangerous and as long as the pollution is in the air it has no borders.

Pollution is, on the same level as high ozone levels, well known to cause respiratory illnesses like chronic lung disease and increase death rates, and is especially dangerous for children, seniors and people suffering from asthma.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also a risk with global warming and pollution.

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