Gun control in the US | Engelsk oppgave

There is a lot of issues in the American society, some of them are celebrities, lawsuits and gun control. The debate around gun control is a big problem in the US. Gun-related deaths are higher in the US than in any other modern country. In 2016 only 4% of the deaths in England were gun-related killings, in addition to the US with 64%.

And the scary thing is that the numbers are only increasing. Since 2016, there has been more that 100 gun deaths, including suicide, in the US each day. None of the other modern countries are even close to these numbers. In a survey it was figured out that the Americans own 48% of estimated 650 million civilian-owned guns worldwide.

Even though there is a lot of different gun-related problems in the US, I personally think the biggest problem is the mass shootings. These shootings only make up 3% of the gun deaths in the US, but for me these are the worst.

People show up at schools, concerts, shopping malls and in the streets with guns and just start shooting, usually without any purpose or chosen victims. It is just a coincidence if you are the one to get hit, or if it’s the boy standing beside you.

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