Breaches of norms and rules in school | Engelsk tentamen

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Breaches of norms and rules in school

A fight for civil rights

In the today`s society we have a lot of rules and norms. Some of these are written and others are unwritten. Some of the rules are telling about how to behave in social settings, like school.

In school, one can for example not bring weapons, like guns and knives. This is a written rule, and if a student does not follow it, there will be consequences. The police will for example come. Since there is illegal to bring weapons, this case probably could become a newspaper headline.

Another example is when a teacher bullies a student or if the teacher is sexually abusing the pupil. If one cheats on a test, the consequences are not that big. Maybe the pupil does not get a grade at the test, but there will not be a newspaper headline.

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