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Muntlig fremføring om et engelskspråklig land

I chose to travel to Belize. Belize is a diverse country with various cultures and languages. The country has a lot of jungles, wildlife reserves, and a large variety of different species of flora and fauna and has the largest cave system in Central America.

The climate in Belize is tropical, and is therefore very hot and humid. It has a rainy season, which lasts from May to November, and a dry season lasting from February to May. When it does rain, it is usually in mild, shorts bursts. Belize sounded like a nice country to visit, and had a lot of interesting history and attractions.

I had high expectations to the country. Since the country has a rainy season, I decided to travel there five days in June. I had a budget at 30 000 Norwegian crowns, and I almost used It all.

The plane tickets, the hotel I booked and the food I bought was the most expensive, like you see in the budget.

Even I wasn’t a diver, people recommend snorkeling around the hole and the nearby reefs. If you are snorkeling in the hole you will discover the stalactites, but it’s unlikely you’ll encounter many underwater creatures, except the occasional shark.

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