The film (Wonder) is based on the novel of the same name by Raquel Jaramillo, and stars Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and the talented child Jacob Tremblay.

The movie revolves around a child who was born with a deformity (Treacher Collins Syndrome), who spends ten years of his life without friends.

Auggie spent his childhood away from children, and his life was completely different from theirs. From his childhood to the fifth grade, he was taught by his mother.

But this did not last long. Soon the mother decides to enroll her child in a private school and try to make him feel like a normal child and integrate her son so that he can complete his education and make friends.

In the early days of the semester, everyone was afraid of him and the students called him “Plague”.

At the beginning Auggie faced a lot of problems and suffered from bullying, his classmates looks, resentment and nonacceptance for a while, despite he was a cheerful, intelligent and kind person.

After many situations, however, he managed to get a real acceptance from most of his schoolmates and build a good, real and true friendship and the appreciation of all.

And here was the turning point and begins a new journey for Auggie, when the next day, the end of year celebration begins

with the fifth graders graduation and giving necklace to the being the most distinguished student personality with strength and determination at school.

The favor and all thanks goes to his mother, who always reminded him of her famous sentence “if you were given the choice between being right or being kind, choose being kind”.

The whole family has been Auggie’s main supporter and motivation to be a successful kid in his school and entire life.