The Rotters’ Club – characterisation | Benjamin, Cicely and Lois

The characterization of Jonathan Coe’s novel “The Rotters’ Club” is rather complicated, as Coe swaps between the different characters’ minds in an elegant, yet confusing way.

Using a third person limited point of view, the author allows us an insight in the thoughts and feelings of several different characters, including the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist of this story, Benjamin Trotter. We also get to know his sister Lois Trotter and the love of his life: Cicely Boyd. I will in this essay make an attempt to describe these three British teenagers, focusing on the relationship between them.

We get to know Benjamin Trotter, Lois Trotter and Cicely Boyd through indirect characterization, meaning the author shows us their rather interesting personalities through their actions, the things they say, their thoughts and their feelings.

Benjamin Trotter, the protagonist of this book, is somehow always at the centre of action throughout the whole book, even when the author describes the lives of his friends and family. We meet him in the very beginning of the book , and get an instant first impression of him as an organized and calm guy who chooses to concentrate on school and probably also does really well in school.

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