John Boyne is an Irish novelist born in Dublin. He wrote 70 short stories and many novels focused on adults and young readers.

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas is a novel focused on a younger audience.

Several film adaptations were done to this film and in 2006 film adaptation was an award-winning Miramax.

Furthermore, the novel won 2 Irish awards and received positive reviews by many papers.

For instance The Guardian reviewed as, “A small wonder of a book…this is what fiction is supposed to do.

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas is a fable which captures a hint of the holocaust but still has a great impact on our emotions. This is a story written from a 9 year old boy’s perspective, who lived during World War II.

In this story the 9 year old Bruno along with his family moved from Berlin to Poland due to his father’s job promotion.

His father was a Nazi officer who was recently appointed to the commander by the Fuhry.

As a result they were sent to an isolated area near the “Out With” concentration camp. (In reality it is Auschwitz Concentration camp in Poland).

In this story Bruno felt the loneliness of the place very much. This is because they were home schooled and he had no friends to play with unlike in Berlin.

Bruno being a curious and adventurous explorer started to explore the house he lived paying no heed to boundaries.

One day he sneaked from the back door and ran through the forest and ended finding a boy near a fence. He met the Jew boy Shmuel for the first time.

They shared same birthday and age. Bruno sneaked every day to meet his friend near the fence as their budding relation prospered.