The blind side | Essay

Homeless Michael Oher, “big mike” was accepted into Wingate Christian School with 0.6 as GPA which is quite low. The education he received at this private school was not only important if he wanted to go to higher education like college and universities, but also in overcoming difficulties that Michael had.

In this text I am going to explain how important the education was for Michael in overcoming different obstacles, and I am also going to write a bit about the US educational system compeered to the Norwegian educational system.

Michael Oher grew up in “Hurt Village”, Memphis, Tennessee with his drug-addicted mother, and an absentee father. Because of his family circumstances he was unfortunately living around in different foster homes. He one day ends up being enrolled in into Wingate Christian School, even though he had 0.6 as GPA.

Michael had different difficulties during this time. Most likely because he was homeless, and because of his earlier life. Most of his teachers believe he was unteachable. He did not want to do his homework, he was unable to write during tests and he had a kind of childlike personality.

He was not with the children at his age, he was either with the younger children. Mrs. Boswell his science teacher does not believe that he is unteachable. She understands that he learns in a different way, so she informs the other teachers.

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