Quote 4:
Quote 8:

This quote from a speech Obama held in 2016, is written in a way that makes people proud of who they are.

He compares all of the differences and tells the American people that the differences make the America people know.

Pathos is used to gain attention from everyone. (Mangler eksempel på patos.)

Obama talks about everyone and tries not to put the focus on himself, because it is all about the people. He says that they are stronger together, everyone together.

All kind of people is included and should be proud to be under the same flag to the country they love.

This makes everyone to feel like they belong somewhere, even though they are different from the rest, they can finally feel like they belong somewhere.


Malala is the brave girl who talks for every person who have to go through those difficulties. She speaks in a way that makes us think about what she has said.

When she talks, she makes sure to repeat a lot. That is because when we hear something several times, we pay more attention to what she is trying to tell us.

She says: "Why is it that giving guns is so easy, but giving books is so hard?" This is a good example where she compares the content to make people see how weird it is that we let this happen.

This builds contrasts in the text. We find both appeal forms Pathos and Logos in this line.

Pathos is represented in guns and books. It is to very different things, one of them kills, the other one gives opportunities.

Logos is represented when she says that it is weird that children get more guns placed in their possession than books, when they actually need books to learn and might have a future.