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Social media has grown extremely in the last few years. It has changed the way people communicate, doing business and educate.

The technology development has brought the world into a time where using social media is widespread across all professions and ages and is common around the world.

Social media is everywhere, invading all aspects of one’s life. People have unlimited possibilities of connection, and it is easier than ever to connect with others.

It has brought several advantages for the society and almost every nation in the world is utilizing social media to improve lives.

A Toxic Pill

With the usage of social media, privacy issues will arise. No matter the age and how intelligent one is, the risk of getting exposed to personal security and privacy threat is the same.

With people accepting the privacy policies without even reading it, gives the social media platforms access to personal information as their credit card information, GPS location and photos.

In the popular social media platform Instagram’s privacy policy, it says; “Information we obtain from these devices includes: (..) access to your GPS location, camera and photos” (Instagram, 2020)

People from a young age has most likely accepted these policies without doubt. Not to mention that data posted on social media cannot be entirely deleted.

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