Racial Injustice in South Africa | Essay

In this essay I will address a big social issue within South Africas history; in fact racism. Mainly apartheid, but also the situation in south Africa today, many years after Apartheid.

How did this racist tradition effect the black South Africans? What impact has it had on them?

And how have South African cities changed in the 25 years after Apartheid? These are some of the questions I will try to answer in this essay.

Apartheid is a tragical part of the history of South Africa. The breeding ground for apartheid was a long tradition of racial colonial thinking, but the special apartheid variant took shape in the 1930s and 1940s as a by-product of an emerging right-wing nationalism.

New laws got inserted, but of course these laws only affected the people of race. Marriage as well as sexual intercourse between persons from different racial groups got banned.

There also came a law that segregated the all of the South Africans into whites, Indians, colored and Africans.

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