Today both the Aboriginals and the Native Americans are minority groups in their own homeland.

They both have terrifying stories where the Europeans came to their country and almost removed all the inhabitants.

The survivors had to change themselves and their life styles. Their colonisations have several things in common, and several different things that happened.

In this text I am going to compare the colonization of Australia and America.

The fact is that what the Europeans did was completely unacceptable, it was devastating.

The natives were doing completely fine, living in peace with each other. As said before when they got invaded, many got sick and there were fatal conflicts all the time.

Of course, they tried to fight back to defend themselves, but the Europeans had guns and the natives weapons were no match for the guns. It was more than just an ordinary invasion, this time it was genocide.

Killing many thousands just to get more land, It is understandable that it was a different time with different rules then, but there is no excuse for what was done.

Many years after, the Native Americans are getting discriminated and oppressed.

After everything we have done to them, from genocide to slavery and yet many keep treating them as they were worth less than us. Even today the colonization marks them.

The Aboriginals make up 2 percent of the population in Australia, such as the Native Americans they are the poorest in their country, unhealthiest and most disadvantaged of all minorities.

In Australia more than half of them lives in adverse conditions in the outskirts of the cities.

Many of them work as slaves on cattle ranches where they have taken over their land.

The rest of them, especially the people in the north have managed to capture their land back and still hunts. In USA they live in huge cities and in rural areas.

The rest of them lives in reservation marked by poverty, alcoholism and drug abuse.

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