Aboriginals and the Native Americans | Engelsk

Today both the Aboriginals and the Native Americans are minority groups in their own homeland. They both have terrifying stories where the Europeans came to their country and almost removed all the inhabitants. The survivors had to change themselves and their life styles. Their colonisations have several things in common, and several different things that happened. In this text I am going to compare the colonization of Australia and America.

The Native Americans and the Aboriginals have several things in common. The Aboriginals experienced massive casualties, not just because of the conflicts between them and the settlers, but also because a disease brought by the invaders named Small pox killed thousands. This weakened the resistance to white settlements.

The exact same happened to the Native Americans as the white people invaded America. They also brought small pox and measles and it killed thousands of Native Americans. And it had the same effect on the Native Americans as they had on the Aboriginals, the resistance got weakened.

They did however not the Aboriginals and the Native Americans were not resistant to these diseases, it spread fast and killed many of them.

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