Meatless Monday is a concept based on cutting meat one day I the week. With this concept will we help our health, cutting the risk of diseases and a chance to live longer.

A little contribution to help the environment and the huge climate crisis, where something must be done before it is too late.

Furthermore, it is the humanities fault, our lifestyle and habits has ruined the environment. As a result of the meat industry the animals are suffering, and we can help.

Therefore, we should do something to help save the planet Meatless Monday is an effortless way to help.

A vegetarian diet has a lower risk for some diseases, such as cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and so on.

In fact, food such as beans, peas, nuts and seeds does not contain saturated fats, by reducing saturated fats will your cholesterol become lower and the risk of cardiovascular disease will get lower.

Studies shows us that a lifestyle with fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer, as a result of red meat you can receive colon cancer.

A study from 2010 from Oxford University`s department of public health, showed that meat meals should not be more than three times a week, this can prevent 31,000 deaths caused by heart diseases, 9,000 caused by cancer and 5,000 caused by stroke.

It will also reduce the costs with 1,2 billion each year. A diet based on plants may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and a lower intake and overeating.

The list of benefits for our health is long, and this should be a good enough reason to eat less meat.

Today’s climate crisis is one of the most discussed political crisis. One of the main reasons why this case is so discussed is because of the changes we must do.

Politicians have many suggestions, but many of them are so extreme that people become afraid for changes.

We can change pretty much everything with our lifestyle and economy to avoid a total damage., but the question is how can we do this and will people agree?