Dear Uncle John,
As you may know, I have travelled to America to get a better life. I arrived for about four weeks ago.

We were 49 days tossing with the waves in a coffin ship, it was hard and exhausting. People were dying and getting sick every day.

When we finally reached America, we had to get checked at an island called “Ellis Island”. There were both rich and poor immigrants at the ship, but only the poor ones had to get checked.

We were checked for diseases, if we were criminals and so on. Some were not accepted and were sent back to Europe.

Next stop was New York, the buildings were high, I had never seen buildings this tall before. I saw many different people, both young and old ones.

It was weird how children were smoking. There were different nationalities all over the place. Many were from Germany, the UK and other countries from Europe.

When I walked through the city, I saw many confused people wondering where to go. People were begging for food and money. It was hard to find a job.

I searched for a job for two weeks before I finally found one. I got a job as a servant for middleclass, they even have land where they are growing potatoes, onions, tomatoes and other greens.

The only problem was that the rent was skyhigh, but I earned enough to pay the rent and to get some for my-self.

Life back home was terrible. I have not received any letters from mother since I came, I hope she is well.

I travelled alone because she was too weak to travel then. Our neighbors were infected of something that spread to the whole family, what made mother, father and little James stay inside for two weeks.