“When I was young I considered myself an American. I ate hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th of July, and I even have a cousin who served his country in the Iraq war. I am one of five children, of which three are US citizens and two are not. I am not.” Ruben, Illnios.

Ruben is an illegal immigrant living in the USA. He is giving a short description of his situation, and his feelings around being an illegal immigrant in the USA.

The definition of an illegal immigrant is, according to, a person who enters a country without the government’s permission, or who chooses to stay in a country past the day of their visa’s end.

The United States of the America is the country in which the most foreign born immigrants live, and also the country which has received the most unauthorized immigrants.

USA’s undocumented population consists of individuals over a range of age, sex and ethnic groups. Having only the fact they are living in the USA illegally in common, they are close to impossible to spot. What are the differences between the standard of living of these unauthorized residents of the USA?