English is the global lingua franca, it’s the language of global commerce, it’s the most common language of academic journals and it’s the most common language on internet – that we use daily.

English is the language the international travelers with different native languages use to communicate with each other.

In the 16th century England started to establish overseas colonies. By the end of the 18th century the British empire had grown quite extensive, with colonies of few parts of India, Africa, in the Caribbean, Canada and what was to become the US.

The British was not the only one to establish colonies – much of present-day Canada and US was part of new France. (colonized by France) But this area was lost to the British.

The southern west of United State was colonized by the Spanish. But these areas were taken by the US in a war with Spain and later Mexico.

The Dutch (Germany) had also colonized the area of new Netherland. It was lost to the British in late 17th century.

There were also non-British immigrants to the British colonies. For example, German speaking immigrants. For a long part of the USA ‘s history German was it’s second widely spoking language.

While there were several languages spoken by settlers english became the dominant language in the united states.