Subcultures are selective groups in society with quite some follower or members. The most common background of the subcultures are based on an outsider culture. People involved in a subculture are often called outsiders in our society and they tend to stand out from the crowd.

They were a selective group of people with a common interest which is might not that common in society. The term was used to categorize gangs or other groups who stood up for their interests or purpose.

Human kind are not individuals who enjoy being alone. Because we are pack animals, we have a desire to be a part of a “pack”, to prevent us from being all alone. Individuals who are all alone, are often an easier prey to the predator. Therefor the lonely individuals often tend to feel a lack of safety.

This might be the reason why some people want or need to seek fellowship in subcultures. Outsiders are individuals in society whom are different from others. They are a smaller group of people who often tend to struggle to fit in and might feel like they don’t belong anywhere.

Everyone needs to have the feeling of belonging to function in society. It is a human need to have a belonging, and it is something we long for. If we have a lack of social practice, it is easy to end up in a bad place and you find it difficult to function among others.