Død i ulike kulturer – engelsk oppgave

Every second 1,8 human dies, this equates to about 50,000 people every half year. Death is a natural event mixed in all living creatures and is constantly occurring. It is part of the so-called living process, the life cycle.

That includes that several thousand people dies in one day, either of hunger, disease, age, or so violent causes like murder or even murders. But this is about honor killings. It was recorded from 850 to 860 honor killings in 2013, 1000 in 2014 and 1100 in 2015.

It is not right to kill. It is not right to kill for honor either, because honor does not come with murder.

In some countries such as Pakistan there is murder, abuse and rape much more often and more common than in countries such as Norway.

There may be reasons that people in other countries cope worse than others and then choose to resolve the matter with murder, torture or rape.

These towns hang back a little in the development and use actions that linger from previous such penalties, traditions and believes, such as stoning.

These actions cost many innocent lives and should be stopped.

In the village Main Channuane in Pakistan, was Thursday, 15/09/16 three people indicted for murder by a mother of three and her lover.

The mother Khalida Bibi and her lover Mohammad Mukhtar said to have been tortured and hanged by Khalida's father, brother and husband.

There is usually a family member behind the honor killings. The reason will certainly be that she had a lover outside of the marriage.