Just as the girl attempted to run away, her feet caught a rock, and she fell. Her brother didn't notice soon enough, as he tripped over her feet.

While the children were in a heap on the ground, trying to untangle their limbs from each other's, our main character sat, laughing. She was mounted upon her young mare, no bridle or saddle in sight.

Her long, red hair touched the horseback, and her azure eyes were filled with joy.

She tore her gaze off the children, and scouted the area around her. Just a few hundred meters south, she could see her home.

The tiny village, with no more than ten houses, she rode through every day, searching for commoners to help.

The bliss on the villagers faces when their princess asked if there was anything she could do, filled her to the rim with happiness.

And she took any work she came upon. More than once, had her father yelled at her for walking around with a muddy dress inside the castle.

A strangled sound, like the squeak from a mouse, could be heard to Ada's right. She pulled her minds off her father, and turned her attention towards the old lady by her side.

She pointed towards the North, her face filled with dread. Ada turned towards the sea, and what she saw made her stomach turn.

She signalled to her horse, and they galloped towards the sandy shore. When she came closer, Ada could clearly see the majestic view in front of her.

A lone ship, unlike anything she'd ever seen before. It had grey sails, and looked broke through the waves like a seal. And they were headed straight for her home.

Her heart beat like crazy when she finally arrived at the shore. Her mare noticed, and became quite lightheaded. As the few guards they had arrived, the sound of swords being unsheathed was too much.

The horse went up on two, and, as soon as all her hooves were on the ground, she ran. Without a rider.

Adalaine laid on the ground, breathless. Her personal guards, who were there to protect her in larger cities, ran straight past her.

But they'd taken too much time. As the archers knocked the arrows in the bows, the Vikings had arrived at shore.